March 21, 2019
Blog Way To Get Vietnam Visa Cheap

This is the best way to get Cheap Vietnam visa for Greek Citizens

Vietnam is one of the most sought-after travel destinations today. Travelers who need to apply for Vietnam visa are presented with several options for the same. They could either apply through embassy, or apply online through the Visa on Arrival program, or opt for an e-Visa with the assistance of a visa agent. Out of all these methods, which one is the best?

With the entire application process done online, fast processing times, the ability to procure cheap Vietnam visa, and superior customer support from leading visa agents, Visa on Arrival is the ideal method for anyone willing to apply for Vietnam visa.

Why Visa on Arrival? | Vietnam Visa Cheap

Visa on Arrival is an online visa application program that lets you apply for your visa anytime, anywhere. You won’t have to travel to the embassy office multiple times for applying. This will let you save more on your travel expenses.

When applying for visa through embassies, you will have to wait longer in queues. This will be taking a significant amount of your time. On the other hand, Visa on Arrival lets you to apply with no waiting times. All you need is to fill out the online application and make the payment online.

The embassy officials will need to submit your documents including your original copy of your passport having at least 6 months of validity. This will pose risks of misplacing your documents. On the other hand, no documentation is required when you are applying through the Visa on Arrival program. This will be convenient and risk-free.

Fees for visa application through embassy might not be easily estimated as such rates vary from embassy to embassy. Not to mention hidden charges, if any. Visa on Arrival requires only two fees – service fee and the stamping fee. These are totally transparent, and has no other hidden fees whatsoever.

Processing of your visa application is relatively fast and hassle-free with visa on arrival. It is not always easy to figure out the time taken by embassies to complete the application process.

How to Apply with Visa on Arrival | Vietnam Visa Cheap :

Here’s the procedure to apply for your visa:

  1. Visit the website of leading visa agency Vietnam Visa Cheap.
  2. Fill out the online application form with all the necessary details.
  3. Make the payment of service fee online using your credit card or PayPal.
  4. Your application will now be forwarded for processing and approval.
  5. When the application is approved, you will get your visa approval letter on your email.
  6. Download and the print this letter and take it with you before leaving for the trip.
  7. When you arrive at the airport, head to the landing visa desk and show your visa approval letter to get your visa.
  8. You will now receive your visa stamped on to your passport after paying the stamping fee.
  9. Show your visa at the check-in point and enter Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa Cheap not just charges the most reasonable Vietnam visa fee for their service, but also offers a full refund guarantee. If your application was not accepted by the government or if you find their service unappealing, you could ask for a full refund.

woman at Airport with passport and Luggages

Several applicants believe that applying for visa is laborious. While that is true when you are applying through embassies, this is not the case when you are looking to apply for it online.

Georgia passport

Vietnam visa application has become simple, fast, and efficient than ever before. The absence of embassies of Vietnam in Georgia is a big drawback for travellers willing to visit the country.

Woman about to board an airplane with passport

The evolution of internet has made our lives simpler, and one example is the visa application. You don’t have to travel for hours to visit an embassy office and apply for your Vietnam visa.

Vietnam Visa fee

Georgian citizens should apply for Vietnam visa if they wish to enter the country. The fees for Vietnam visa will depend on the method of applying for it.

Relaxed woman watching laptop and holding a cup of coffee

Estonian citizens who are planning of visit Vietnam must apply for Vietnam visa. There are, however, no embassies of Vietnam present in Estonia for visa application, but that doesn’t mean you cannot apply for Vietnam visa.

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Travelers willing to visit Vietnam might hardly have any idea as to how they could apply for Vietnam visa. Well, this guide is here to help you figure out the best and easy way to get visa for Vietnam.

Georgia passport placed on the Laptop

Vietnam has evolved to become one of the preferred travel destinations for tourists around the world. If you are a Georgian citizen wanting to know how you could apply for a Vietnam visa, this guide will help you out.

Smiling Woman with Passport

Getting a Vietnam visa has become a simple and straightforward process today. As the application process through embassies brings different hurdles for visa applicants, it is ideal to go with the modern method of visa application – Visa on Arrival.

Georgia passport

A Georgian citizen willing to visit Vietnam must apply for a visa. Applying through embassies is the usual process of visa application, however it is not an easy feat for all.

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