March 21, 2019
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How much is Vietnam Visa for Georgian Citizens

Georgian citizens should apply for Vietnam visa if they wish to enter the country. The fees for Vietnam visa will depend on the method of applying for it. There are three different ways of applying for Vietnam visa and they include:

  • Applying through embassy
  • Applying online with Visa on Arrival
  • Applying for E-Visa


There are no embassies of Vietnam in Georgia for now. If you are applying through embassy, the fees might not be easily determined. The fees associated with visa application usually varies between embassies and sometimes, it is not easy to estimate the total fees for your application. Additionally, traveling to embassies in the neighbouring countries is not easy.

Visa on Arrival

This is why applying online with the Visa on Arrival program is always recommended for the ease and convenience it offers. You will have to pay just two fees for Visa on Arrival:

  • Service fee
  • Stamping fee

Service fee is the Vietnam visa fee paid to the agent who will be offering assistance in the application and its approval. Vietnam Visa Cheap is one of the most favoured visa agencies offering satisfactory service at the best prices. For Georgian citizens, the following are the service fees:

For tourist visa applicants,

  • 1 month single entry – $6 service fee
  • 1 month multiple entries – $8 service fee
  • 3 months single entry – $15 service fee
  • 3 months multiple entries – $20 service fee

For business visa applicants,

  • 1 month single entry – $75 service fee
  • 1 month multiple entries – $80 service fee
  • 3 months single entry – $85 service fee
  • 3 months multiple entries – $90 service fee

Stamping fee is the fee charged by the government and this has to be paid when you are receiving your visa from the destination airport. Stamping fee for all single-entry visas is $25 and for all multiple entries visas is $50.

Applying for E-Visa

Applying for e-Visa or electronic visa is another method of procuring Vietnam visa. Electronic visa is the alternative to the usual paper visa obtained from embassies. This is a single-entry visa that grants a maximum of 30 days stay in Vietnam. Vietnam Visa Cheap will help you throughout the application process. For single entry tourist visa, $40 will be the fee and for single entry business visa, $55 is the fee.

Amongst all the methods mentioned above, the best way to apply for Vietnam visa cheapest is Visa on Arrival. Here’s how to apply for your visa:

  • Visit the website of visa agency Vietnam Visa Cheap
  • Fill out their online application form
  • Pay the service fee online using your credit card or PayPal
  • Once the application is processed, you will get your visa approval letter on your email
  • Download and print the visa approval letter.
  • When you arrive at the destination airport, show the approval letter at the landing visa desk
  • Pay the stamping fee and get your visa
  • Show the visa at check-in and enter Vietnam

For more queries or information about Vietnam visa application, get in touch with the experts at Vietnam Visa Cheap. They will help you out with the application.

woman at Airport with passport and Luggages

Several applicants believe that applying for visa is laborious. While that is true when you are applying through embassies, this is not the case when you are looking to apply for it online.

Woman about to board an airplane with passport

The evolution of internet has made our lives simpler, and one example is the visa application. You don’t have to travel for hours to visit an embassy office and apply for your Vietnam visa.

Passport of Greece

Vietnam is one of the most sought-after travel destinations today. Travelers who need to apply for Vietnam visa are presented with several options for the same.

Georgia passport

A Georgian citizen willing to visit Vietnam must apply for a visa. Applying through embassies is the usual process of visa application, however it is not an easy feat for all.

Airport Ticketing Counter

Vietnam is a great tourist destination, for its warm culture, food, and eye-appealing tourist spots will make you feel so welcomed. If you are a Greek citizen wanting to visit Vietnam, you will have to apply for Vietnam visa.

Vietnam visa for citizens of Estonia

Getting a Vietnam visa has become easy in the recent times. With the increased adoption of the internet, people could apply for visa in a fast, simple, and comfortable manner, rather than wasting time waiting in queues at embassies.

Woman going on a business trip with passport

Visa application is such an overwhelming ordeal for most people. It’s the tiresome travel and waiting in queues that come to their minds first whenever they think of the same.

Vietnam visa

Several travelers do know about the fact that they need to approach the embassy office if they need to apply for Vietnam visa. However, this conventional method has been difficult for applicants.

Visa Officer pasting the visa on the passport

With visa applications, most people are usually stressed out about the discomforting procedure involved. They will have to travel long hours to reach the embassy office if they are from a distant place, not just once, but multiple times.

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