December 21, 2019
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Things to Know About Vietnam Cheap Visa

In the early days, applying for Vietnam visa for citizens requiring to visit the country was not always easy. Applicants will have to travel to the embassy office back and forth, and would not have the slightest of idea about the application fee. Fast forward to today, anyone can apply for Vietnam visa cheapest with the introduction of the Visa on Arrival program. This Revolutionary service has enabled Travellers to procure a Vietnam visa with faster processing times. Here’s what you need to know:

Visa on Arrival:

Visa on Arrival is an online visa application program offered by reliable Vietnam visa agencies. It lets travellers to apply for their preferred type of visa through the visa agency’s website. Unlike applying through embassies, this is a paperless application process and everything will be done digitally.

Once the application is submitted, an approval letter would be sent to your email within a few days. This approval letter allows you to get the stamped visa, when you arrive at the destination airport in Vietnam.

Types of Visa:

Depending on the purpose of visit, an applicant can apply for either one of the following:

  • Tourist visa, if they are visiting Vietnam for leisure and touring the country with their friends and family.
  • Business visa, if they are visiting Vietnam for work or professional reasons.

Both the aforementioned types of visas will be offered in two variants, based on the number of times one would like to visit Vietnam. They are:

  • Single entry visa, which grants entry to Vietnam just once. When they exit the country, the visa will be deemed invalid. If the traveller would prefer to re-enter Vietnam, they will have to apply for a fresh visa.
  • Multiple entries visa, which allows the traveller to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times, provided it is well within the duration of the validity of the visa.

Vietnam Visa Fee:

Applying for Vietnam visa online through the Visa on Arrival program makes it easy for applicants to obtain the cheapest Vietnam visa. There are two fees applicable:

  • Service Fee: This fee is charged by the agency for processing your application submitted online, and has to be paid when you are applying for visa.
  • Stamping Fee: This is the fee charged by the Vietnamese government to stamp your visa. This has to be paid in cash at the landing desk of the destination airport after arrival.

For citizens of Bangladesh:

1-month single entry tourist visa service fee – 180 USD, stamping fee – 25 USD

Benefits of Visa on Arrival:

The benefits of online visa application are as follows:

  • Being an online process, you can apply anywhere, anytime
  • The procedure is simple and straightforward
  • There’s no waiting or queuing involved, hence it is it a time saving process
  • Visa on Arrival is relatively inexpensive than applying to embassies
  • 100% refund guarantee provided by reliable visa agents such as Vietnam Visa Cheap

Applying through professional visa agencies such as Vietnam Visa Cheap gives you a hassle-free experience, as you will get the benefit of a full refund guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service of the agency, or if your application was denied by the government, you will get your money back, no questions asked. For more information on visa application, get in touch with the experts today.

Italy Citizen extend visa in Vietnam

Can Italy Citizen extend a 15 day visa in Vietnam? Yes, as an Italy citizen, you can extend a 15-day visa in Vietnam with Visa extension or visa renewal. For that, you have to visit the immigration department of Vietnam in the city where currently you are staying.

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