August 12, 2019
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Can Italy Citizen extend a 15 day visa in Vietnam?

Can Italy Citizen extend a 15 day visa in Vietnam?

Yes, as an Italy citizen, you can extend a 15-day visa in Vietnam with Visa extension or visa renewal. For that, you have to visit the immigration department of Vietnam in the city where currently you are staying. Or you can use a service from a travel company to avoid the hassle. So, feel free and get your visa applied at the reliable source and make your dream come true by visiting Vietnam.

You have three options to get applied for your Vietnam visa

  1. Applying for Visa Via Local embassy
  2. Applying for Visa Via Visa On Arrival
  3. Applying for Visa via E-visa

Which is a Reliable source to Apply for Your Cheap Visa?

Visa on Arrival! Since the complete process is done here via online, you no need to worry about standing in a long queue and submit all your original documents to apply for your visa.

Visa type

Under visa on arrival option, you can choose four different types of visa in both business and tourist purposes.

They are,

  • 1 month single entry
  • 1 month multiple entries
  • 3 months single entry
  • 3 months multiple entries

Why Visa on Arrival is best That Applying for Visa At Embassy?

Ø No need to take leave

Ø No need to stand in a long queue

Ø No need to submit your entire original document

Ø No need to visit the embassy

Ø No need to revisit the embassy to get the approved visa

Ø No need to wait for a long to get your visa approved

Advantage of Applying for Visa via Online (Visa on Arrival)

  • 100% risk-free website
  • They 100% money-back guaranteed if customers not satisfied with their service
  • They 100% money-back guaranteed if the visa application declined by the government.
  • They will arrange a new visa for you on no charge if the error caused in your visa application process is from our side.
  • They offer a 100% refund of Vietnam visa cost for Italian citizens if there is an error caused by us during the visa application process.
  • They do the needful to make your visa on arrival process as easy and sooner as possible.
  • Your visa will get approved within two working days.
  • If you add on to the express service, your visa will get approved within eight working days.

What about E-Visa?

It is also one of the reliable options, But you are avail to choose only one visa type. That is 30 days, single entry.

Where to Apply For Visa Extension?

Visa renewal or extension will be applicable for the Italy citizen visitors who currently in Vietnam want to extend their stay. As an Italy citizen, if you’re going to extend the visit, you have to visit the Immigration Department of Vietnam in the city that you have been staying to extend their stay (or you can use a service from a travel company to avoid the hassle).

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Switzerland Citizen Extend Visa in Vietnam

Citizens of Switzerland must have a visa to visit Vietnam. As like some other country, they are not permitted to visit Vietnam for 15 days without a visa.

Extend visa for German Citizen

If you need to extension your visa, you need to acquire permission from the government to stay longer in Vietnam when your current visa is about to expire. You may be able to extend your visa while in Vietnam without leaving the country.

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