December 26, 2019
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Payment Methods for Getting Vietnam Visa

After negotiating your cheap Vietnam visa, you will need to pay for it. There are a few options available depending on where you are in the world. It is, however, possible for anyone to find a method that will be convenient for them. In this article, we look at the different ways to meet the Vietnam visa cost.

You will find that you need to make different payments to different people. For example, you will have to pay the agency that helps you process the visa or the visa letter, then you will also need to make a payment on arrival in Vietnam where you will pay for the stamp at the airport. Your Vietnam visa total cost may vary according to who helps you acquire the visa as well as the type of visa you apply for. However, payment options remain the same.

Here are the options you have:

Cash Payment

If you have someone in Vietnam who is able to come to our office, the cash payment can be an option. Cash payment can also be possible when you arrive at the airport and need to pay the border official for the stamp. In this case, cash payment is probably the only option.

Bank Transfer

Another option is to transfer the money from your account directly to our account. There is that option on our website and once you click on it you can follow the prompts to make the payment. Naturally, you can expect some charges for the transfer. We usually get a notification once the payment is processed, but you can also inform us once you have made the payment.


This payment method is available to people in certain countries where Paypal operates. You can securely transfer your visa fees from your PayPal account to ours. Some websites may not provide this option so you need to check with them if they accept this type of payment.

Card Payment

There are various card payments that are acceptable and these include debit cards, credit cards as well as other American card payment options. When you are making the payment, ensure that you are on a secure site and it is actually the website that the visa service is being provided. Always look out for sites that may be trying to steal your information.

Money Transfer

You can also choose to transfer money using money transfer services like Western Union. It is available in most countries which makes it easy to use. Ensure however that you are sending the money to the right person who will be helping you with the Vietnam visa fee. Western Union though is strict about the safety of funds and will only hand over the money to a person whose information matches to that which you provided.

Anyone of these payment options should be convenient for you to use no matter what country you may be in. If you still have problems, you may ask a friend in another country who is able to make the payment using any of these methods to go ahead and do it on your behalf.

We offer efficient visa services with a guarantee that you will be happy with our service. If you fail to secure the visa from the government of Vietnam, we will refund all your money.

Eligibility to Apply Vietnam Visa From Bahamas

Bahamas citizens are required visa for entering Vietnam. However, there is no Vietnam embassy in countries close to the Bahamas.

Cost of Vietnam visa

Indian passport holders who are planning to go to Vietnam should apply for a valid visa to enter Vietnam. You can apply for Vietnam visa via two methods; one is applying via Vietnam embassy, and the other is applying for Visa on arrival through online.

Korean Currency

If you are aiming to apply for Vietnam visa, you might have several questions in your mind. And one of that would definitely be how much Vietnam visa costs for Korean citizens.

Chinese Currency

China passport holders who are planning to go to Vietnam should apply for a valid visa to enter Vietnam. You can apply for Vietnam visa via two methods; one is applying via Vietnam embassy, and the other is applying for Visa on arrival through online.

New Zealand Currency

New Zealand passport holders require Vietnam visa to visit and stay in Vietnam. But, if you are an APEC business travel card holders, you can visit and stay at Vietnam for 90 days or lesser without a visa.

Canadian Currency

So, you have planned to visit Vietnam. Then, book your visa at a secure and convenient method sooner! As a visitor to Vietnam from Canada, you will be allowed to visit Vietnam for all purposes.

Moldova Citizen having the passport

Thinking to visit Vietnam for business or tourist purpose? As a Moldova citizen, you should have Vietnam visa. Yes, like some other countries citizens, you have no visa exemption.

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