April 4, 2019
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How to get Cheap Vietnam visa for Armenian Citizens?

There is no visa exemption for Armenian citizens who are travelling to Vietnam for both tourist and business purposes. But, you can visit Vietnam without visa for the following two reasons:

  • If you are an Armenian citizen and have an APEC business travel card, you are exempted from Vietnam visa for not more than 90 days.
  • If you are travelling to Phu Quoc Island with an air return ticket, you can stay on the island for 30 days or less are exempt from having a Vietnam visa. A visa is required if going outside the island.

For Armenian citizens, there are three different ways to apply for Vietnam visa.

  • Applying for Vietnam visa through embassy
  • Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival
  • Applying for Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam visa through embassy

In Armenia, there is no Vietnamese embassy or consulate of Vietnam to apply for Vietnam visa. So, the citizens of Armenia must travel to the Vietnamese embassy of the nearby countries Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Unlike other two methods, applying for Vietnam visa through embassy is a complex procedure as you have to be physically present throughout the entire visa application process. Moreover, you will be asked to carry all your original documents that are required for the visa approval process. This may give you an opportunity to lose your documents on your hurry to travel back and forth between the countries. Also, Vietnam visa total cost for Armenian citizens when applying for Vietnam visa through embassy is more compared to the other two procedures.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

If you are an Armenian citizen willing to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival, give a pat on your back, as you have chosen the most convenient method. It involves a simple procedure of filling out the visa application online and paying a service fee online. Once the payment is done, your application will get processed and you will receive the visa approval letter within two days.

Take a print out of your visa approval letter and show it at the immigration department at the destination airport and pay a stamping fee to get your visa stamped to your passport.

Vietnam E-visa

Vietnam E-visa is one of the easiest methods to apply for Vietnam visa but the Vietnam e-visa fee for Armenian citizens is high. Once the payment is done, you will not get it back. Moreover, the visa applied through the official website of Vietnam online is valid only for 30 days irrespective of the purpose of travel to Vietnam.

If you are applying for Vietnam visa on arrival with us, we do all the work to make your visa on arrival process as easy as possible. We offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service and if the visa application is declined by the government.

Latvia Passport

Vietnam visa application has become easier and cheaper than before. The expenses relating to Vietnam visa will depend on the method of applying for one.

Latvian Passport with air tickets

The first thing that comes in the minds of people with regards to visa application is the expenses associated with traveling long distances to visit embassies and waiting to apply for their visa. However, visa application has become easier and affordable with the introduction of Visa on Arrival online application facility.

Irish citizen having Ireland passport

For those planning to visit Vietnam, applying for a visa would be stressful. This is because the first thing that comes to their minds is the tedious process of visiting embassies and the inability to determine the overall expenses incurred for the application.

Two Armenian passport

The Armenian citizens must apply for a Vietnam visa if they are willing to travel to Vietnam. Unfortunately, there is no Vietnamese embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Armenia, so the Vietnam visa application through embassy becomes a complex procedure.

Woman holds latvia passport

Applying for Vietnam visa is mandatory for Latvia citizens. People usually believe that the only way to apply for Vietnam visa is to approach an embassy office.

Beautiful women with card

Whether you are travelling to Vietnam for business or tourist purpose, as an Armenian citizen, you are required to have a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. As of now, Armenian citizens are not exempted from visa application.

Blue Tshirt Man with Croatia Citizen Passport in hand

Unlike some countries, every Croatia citizens should need visa to visit Vietnam. But don’t worry about it, if you are the APEC business travel card holder or if you need to visit only Phu Quoc Island, you do not need a visa for 90 days and 30 days respectively.

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