November 30, 2019
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How To Apply For A Vietnam E-Visa For Filipino

A Vietnam visa is a vital process of immigration for all visitors to Vietnam. The traveler’s purpose may be for business or tourism, in both cases he needs to have a Vietnam e-visa for Filipino. The most popular type of visa is Vietnam e-visa, which has a validity of up to 30 days. The nationals of the Philippines can also get the Vietnam e-visa for Filipino by applying for it online. The tourists can extend their visa once they arrive in Vietnam.

The Vietnam e-visa for Filipino nationals is an easy and secure online process for travelers who desire to stay for a short period in Vietnam. Vietnam e-visa prevents the traveler from the fatigue of going to the consulate and standing in a queue for hours to get hold of the visa.

The processing time, after which the applicant receives the Vietnam e-visa is two to three business days after they apply for it online. On the contrary, the whole process of permission takes only a few notes to end. The traveler should confirm that he is one of the nationals of eighty countries who can apply for it. Also, there are limited ports at which the Vietnam e-visa is accepted so this should also be considered.

Process of Vietnam E-Visa For Filipino

The Vietnam e-visa for Filipino, as mentioned earlier, is a simple and straightforward process that only takes a few notes to complete. All that one needs is a connection to the internet and a source on which one can apply for the visa. The Vietnam e-visa for Filipino is applied online via secure websites. The whole process ends in only a few notes.

The Vietnam Immigration Department first review the application. After reviewing they approve it and send the e-visa to the email of the applicant he provided in the form of the visa application. The applicant needs to then take the print of the Vietnam e-visa and board to the Vietnam port selected!

After the traveler submits the application and pays for the fee of the visa, the process takes around three business days to end. In rare cases, the time to prepare for the e-visa may get prolonged. It may take five to seven days on these occasions.

This is why the traveler must fill in all the data correctly without any spelling or typing mistakes. This will prevent him from any hurdles to get the visa when they arrive at the gates of the border of Vietnam. The applicants should review all the information he has entered before submitting their online application form.

Once the application is reviewed by the immigration department, they approve it. The applicant receives a PDF file of the Vietnam e-visa, which he needs to print it. The traveler needs to provide it to the immigration officer at the Vietnam port of entry selected. The applicant should make sure to bring the passport that aligns with the information he entered in the online application for the Vietnam e-visa for Filipino nationals.

Documents required:

  • A passport that is valid for six months at most
  • The biological information page’s scan of passport
  • A valid email address where one can receive the e-visa
  • The dates of entering and leaving Vietnam
  • A passport size photo in JPG format. Photo Guide.
  • The medical and vaccine records
  • A debit or a credit card to pay for the fee of Visa

Once the applicant lands at any of the ports where the officials accept Vietnam e-visa, he requires to give Vietnam e-visa for Filipino citizens to the office. Also, the traveler needs to present the passport. The officer reviews the Vietnam e-visa and passport, after which he puts the stamp. Then the traveler can enter the country without any further formalities.

Important Things To Consider While Traveling With Vietnam E-Visa For Filipino Citizens

The applicants who have two passports should ensure to take the passport with them that aligns with the information they provided in the e-visa application form. The information on the passport they bring and the e-visa should be the same to get in the country without any hassle.

The validity of the Vietnam e-visa for Filipino starts from the time provided during the Vietnam e-visa form and on the e-visa received. The traveler if wishes to gain entry to Vietnam ahead of that period, he then should fill another new form. As the new application form is approved, the previous Vietnam e-visa will be canceled automatically.

The process of the Vietnam e-visa for Filipino is quick and straightforward if followed appropriately. The applicants should not make any mistakes while they provide their personal, passport, and travel details. The print of the e-visa should be clear and of good quality.

It is necessary to take care of the documents all the time when one is traveling. At any time, any document, if lost, it will create a problem for the traveler.


Vietnam is a gorgeous country with a lot of areas that are breathtaking for the travelers from around the world. These sightseeing areas are usually natural, making it a more an exotic and fun-to-be-around country.

Vietnam visa for citizens of Australia

Visa for Vietnam is a travel document offered by recognized Vietnamese authorities. It allows people to travel to Vietnam and gain entrance in Vietnam.

Many UK citizens are now traveling to Vietnam for different purposes. Either a business visit or tourist visit, the Vietnam e-visa for UK citizen is a necessary document they need to carry with them to get entrance in the country.

When you decide to travel anywhere around the world, it is necessary to have a passport that has a validity of at least six months. Vietnamese visa is a travel document offered by authorized Vietnamese authorities, giving permission to people to visit and enter Vietnam.

The Vietnam e-visa for Russian is an easy and straightforward process. This travel document is an electronic gateway to get through the country easily and quickly.

Vietnam is a country that is home to many picturesque views and sceneries. Everyone these days is rushing to the country to get the experience of their lives that they would remember for the rest of their lives.

Smiling Women with Passport

A Vietnam visa is the necessary process of immigration for all travelers to Vietnam. Based on the purpose of the traveler’s visit, a Business or Tourist visa is required to gain entry in Vietnam.

Vietnamese visa is a travel document offered by renowned Vietnamese authorities. The authorities allow travelers to come to Vietnam, enter Vietnam and stay for a period under the visa they choose.

The Vietnam e-visa for German nationals allows travelers to visit Vietnam and stay there for more than fifteen days. The German citizens who wish to remain in Vietnam for fifteen days can enter the country without the needs of a Vietnam e-visa for German.

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