November 30, 2019
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A detailed guide on Vietnam e-visa for Belgian

Vietnamese visa is a travel document offered by renowned Vietnamese authorities. The authorities allow travelers to come to Vietnam, enter Vietnam and stay for a period under the visa they choose. The Vietnam e-visa for Belgian is one of the visas issued to travelers by the Immigration Department of Vietnam through a well-maintained electronic system.

The international travelers who want to enter Vietnam can apply for Vietnam e-visa online and pay the fee via their credit cards or debit cards. The e-visa is for single entry and is valid for 30 days only. The travelers who wish to enter numerous times or want to stay for more than thirty days can opt for a multiple entry visa. After the submission of the e-visa application, it takes three working days to process.

Vietnam e-visa applies to eighty-one countries (List Of Countries That Allowed For Vietnam E-Visa). Not to mention, these countries’ nationals do not need to pay multiple visits to the embassy of Vietnam in their country. Fortunately, Belgium is one of the lucky countries to enter Vietnam via the Vietnam e-visa. The Vietnam e-visa for Belgian nationals is sent to the applicants via the email mentioned in the application form.

Most of all the states need their nationals to get a Vietnam e-visa for Belgian to enter in Vietnam. Except for a very few countries whose citizen can enter Vietnam without a visa. The visitors who belong to the list of 81 countries which have the ability to gain Vietnam e-visa can apply online  for it. With this e-visa, travelers can prevent themselves from the trouble of visiting the Vietnam embassy thereby saving money and also time.

The Vietnam e-visa allows the applicant to stay in Vietnam for thirty days at max. If they desire to stay longer, they can extend the Vietnam e-visa for Belgian.

Details of the Vietnam e-visa for Belgian

The Vietnam e-Visa for Belgian is a computerized authorized travel document to Vietnam from the Vietnamese Government Authorities. The e-visa is issued in PDF format and is valid for 30 days only after the initial date of entry. It is the same as a visa but has no stamp in the passport. One can apply for e-visa for tourism, business, conference Etc.

One can apply for a Vietnam e-visa for Belgian online where the applicant gives his personal details such as name, birth date, and address. Given that, the applicant requires to give a photo in PDF, JPG or PNG format and a scan of at least six months valid passport.

The whole procedure ends in a few minutes, and then the applicant wait for the visa approval. Usually, the visa approval takes a day, but it may extend to three days in exceptional situations. The applicant should, therefore, apply for the e-visa at least a week before planning the trip.

The process of applying for Vietnam E-visa for Belgian

The applicant has to fill the Vietnam e-visa for Belgian application form, where he has to gives his personal data. The information includes the applicants’ name, birth date, and address the details of the travel documents, for example, the passport. The applicant has to ensure he gives the information correctly, such as the format of the birth date and number sequence of the passport number. If the applicant types any information incorrectly, chances of either rejection or delay in the approval of the e-visa increase.

The traveler also requires to provide the address of stay in Vietnam and the applicant’s stay dates in Vietnam. The health records are also given in the form to confirm the traveler’s health is ok to travel. The applicant also needs to have a debit or credit card for the payment of the visa fee online.

The security databases review the data of the applicant to make sure the national security of the country is not under any threat. The Vietnam e-visa for Belgian application process ends within a day, except for a complicated case where it may take three or more days.

After review, the department of immigration approves the application and the applicant gets the e-visa via email. He requires to take print of it and give it to the immigration officer at the border gates of Vietnam.

At the entry port, the traveler shows the e-visa print to the officer at the counter. He also needs to present the passport along with the e-visa. Any traveler has more than one passport, he needs to make sure he takes the passport with him that aligns with the information in the e-visa form application.

Requirements of Vietnam e-visa for Belgian Citizens

Before the Belgians decide to apply for the e-visa, they need to know the criteria. The Vietnam e-visa for Belgian has criteria to fulfill. If one fails to meet its obligations, the travelers may face hurdles in getting the e-visa. Profiled below are the requirements for the Vietnam e-visa for Belgian.

  • The Belgian nationals should have a passport that is valid
  • The applicant should present a passport size digital photo. Photo Guide.
  • The Belgians citizens should provide a scanned passport page carrying their biological information.
  • The traveler should have a debit or a credit card to pay the fee for visa

Other than the above documents, the Belgians should also provide the following details and information while they fill the online Vietnam e-visa for Belgians’ application.

  • Full name, address, and birthdate, etc
  • Details of travels such as the stay address in Vietnam and the dates of traveling
  • Details of the passport
  • A Debit or Credit card to pay for the visa fee
  • Health records and vaccination records.
  • Two blank pages on the passport to get the visa stamp

It is mandatory for travelers to present all the required documents to avoid any hassles or delays in the process.


Vietnam is a gorgeous country with a lot of areas that are breathtaking for the travelers from around the world. These sightseeing areas are usually natural, making it a more an exotic and fun-to-be-around country.

Vietnam visa for citizens of Australia

Visa for Vietnam is a travel document offered by recognized Vietnamese authorities. It allows people to travel to Vietnam and gain entrance in Vietnam.

Many UK citizens are now traveling to Vietnam for different purposes. Either a business visit or tourist visit, the Vietnam e-visa for UK citizen is a necessary document they need to carry with them to get entrance in the country.

Apply For A Vietnam Visa

A Vietnam visa is a vital process of immigration for all visitors to Vietnam. The traveler’s purpose may be for business or tourism, in both cases he needs to have a Vietnam e-visa for Filipino.

When you decide to travel anywhere around the world, it is necessary to have a passport that has a validity of at least six months. Vietnamese visa is a travel document offered by authorized Vietnamese authorities, giving permission to people to visit and enter Vietnam.

The Vietnam e-visa for Russian is an easy and straightforward process. This travel document is an electronic gateway to get through the country easily and quickly.

Vietnam is a country that is home to many picturesque views and sceneries. Everyone these days is rushing to the country to get the experience of their lives that they would remember for the rest of their lives.

Smiling Women with Passport

A Vietnam visa is the necessary process of immigration for all travelers to Vietnam. Based on the purpose of the traveler’s visit, a Business or Tourist visa is required to gain entry in Vietnam.

The Vietnam e-visa for German nationals allows travelers to visit Vietnam and stay there for more than fifteen days. The German citizens who wish to remain in Vietnam for fifteen days can enter the country without the needs of a Vietnam e-visa for German.

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