January 18, 2020
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How Safe Is Vietnam For Solo Female Travellers Entering With Cheap Vietnam Visa?

Vietnam is considered to be one of the safest places for solo travellers. Still, the solo women travellers are more likely to be the target for crimes and scams. Street pickpockets and phone theft are the commonly seen crime in the city. Solo women travellers who avoid night travels in the unknown places can be safer from catcalling. Due to the impact of various movies and documentaries, the westerners have a negative impact of women treated in Vietnam. In reality, the status of women living in Vietnam is not more difficult. Women are empowered in Vietnam. In Vietnam, the women are more likely run business similar to the men. Often the women face only little difficulties based on their gender.  Getting cheap Vietnam visa is easy, so that many solo travellers prefer visiting Vietnam.

How to Visit Vietnam with cheap Vietnam visa?

If you are a solo female traveller and looking to travel to Vietnam, you need to get a visa to visit Vietnam. Some countries are in the Vietnam visa exemption list and if you are one among those countries, you can stay in Vietnam for 15 days without a valid Vietnam visa. If you need to stay more than 15 day, you need to apply for cheap Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. You can apply for cheap Vietnam visa through three various methods:

  • Visiting the Vietnam Embassy
  • Applying for Visa on Arrival
  • E-Visa

Places to visit in Vietnam

Vietnamese are extremely friendly. Initially, you may mistake their silence for rudeness. Since the older generations don’t speak English, they remain silent and take some time to open up to you. Vietnam also has the best of both world – tradition and modern technology. However long you plan to stay, here we have mentioned a few places you can visit in Vietnam.

  • Sapa: The Tonkinese Alps, a true Vietnam adventure
  • Halong Bay: Descending Dragon
  • Dalat: The Little Paris
  • The Mekong Delta, Vietnam’s rice bowl
  • Hanoi, City of Lakes

Not only these places, you can also visit many other places that could make you feel wonder about the country. Visiting Vietnam makes the visitors feel fulfilled, as it has many beautiful places to visit.

What to eat in Vietnam?

Vietnamese cuisine is well known and loved around the world so eating this food at its source is an exciting adventure. While most Vietnamese food is delicious, here are some top pick for you.

  • Egg Coffee or Ca Phe Trung – It is a creamy, meringue-like egg-white froth floating on the thick Vietnamese coffee. You can find it in most places of Vietnam.
  • Banh Mi – You can find different varieties of Banh Mi. Southern versions are more colorful consisting of cold cuts, cheese, sausage, fresh cilantro, fried egg and chili sauce. In the north, it usually contains fat and protein – often margarine and pate.
  • Pho – made of fresh rice noodles, some local herbs, a salty broth, and beef or chicken.

If you are planning to visit Vietnam, you can apply for a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. You can apply for “Visa On Arrival” with us to get your visa as soon as possible. At Vietnam Visa Cheap, we provide 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service or the government has declined your application.

Cheap Vietnam Visa Entry and Exit Requirements for Algerian

Vietnam is a land of rich history and culture, a must-visit place in every person’s travel list. From beaches with golden sand to high mountains, Vietnam is a home for cultural and religious richness that everyone must witness and enjoy.

Cheap Vietnam Visa Travelers – 7 Days Itineraries

As an UNESCO protected world heritage dotted with destinations that boasts cultural richness, one week isn’t enough to see all the scenic beauties of Vietnam. For the cheap Vietnam visa travelers, we’ve compiled a list that covers everything from the economic hub to the beach resorts, and other incredible natural beauties.

Safety and Security for Cheap Vietnam Visa Travelers

Vietnam is an amazing country with rich historical and cultural heritage. From the curving beaches of Phu Quoc to the colonial streets of Hanoi, there are numerous tourists’ attractions to see and enjoy.

Cheap Vietnam Visa For Belize Citizens, Belize Passport Holders

Vietnam is one of the beautiful places to visit. You can contact a travelling agency to get your cheap Vietnam visa in short time.

Cheap Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Citizens Of Belize

Belize citizens planning to visit Vietnam either for tourist purpose or business purpose need to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. As Vietnam is one of the wonderful places with more natural beauties, most people prefer visiting Vietnam during their vacation to enjoy with their families.

How To Check Cheap Vietnam Visa Approval Letter Processing Status

While planning for a trip to Vietnam, you have various methods to choose for applying cheap Vietnam visa. One of the most preferred methods is the visa on arrival method.

Cheap Vietnam Visa Stamping Fee & Process

As Vietnam is one of the most preferred tourist destinations, people like to visit Vietnam during their vacation. Getting cheap Vietnam visa is simple and easy and it is one of the reasons people prefer Vietnam.

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