February 18, 2019
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Here’s the Best Way to Get Cheap Vietnam Visa for Taiwanese Citizens

Amongst the several beautiful destinations worldwide, Vietnam is a great place to consider. The picturesque natural beauty and culture are the country’s attractive traits worth checking out. The Vietnamese government has been generous with their rules to make it easier for people willing to visit the country. Citizens from Taiwan will have to obtain Vietnam visa if they wish to enter Vietnam.

There are two ways to get visa to Vietnam. One is the conventional method of visiting Vietnam embassy for application, and the other is the online application process, popularly called the ‘Visa on Arrival’ program.

Visa on Arrival – The Preferred Way of Visa Application:

The Visa on Arrival program is indeed the best recommended solution to obtain the cheapest Vietnam visa for a number of reasons. The digital world has made our lives easier and visa application is no exception. Reliable visa agents such as Vietnam Visa Cheap enables effortless visa application process that could be accomplished online at a reasonable Vietnam visa fee.

Here’s How Visa on Arrival Works:

All you need is your laptop with an internet connection. No travelling. No office visits. No standing in queues. These are the steps you can follow to get your Vietnam visa:

  • Visit a trustworthy visa agency website such as Vietnam Visa Cheap.
  • An online application form has to be filled out with all the required details. Be sure to double-check everything you have entered to avoid any complexities in the future.
  • Now, make the service charge payment via credit card or PayPal. You will know how much you will be paying for the application, depending on the type of visa you choose.
  • Once the payment is received and the application is confirmed, the agent will work for you to get the approval of the same in a few days. The processing time is usually faster than that of embassy.
  • You will receive the visa approval letter that would be sent to your email address. Print the letter and take it with you.
  • Present this letter at the destination airport to receive your visa stamped. Pay the stamping fee to the government during this step.
  • Enjoy your trip with the visa that grants entry to the country.

The process is as simple as that!

How Much is the Fee?

For citizens of Taiwan, 1 month and 3 months single entry visas has a stamping fee of $25 (for both tourist visa and business visa). 1 month and 3 months multiple entries visas will have a stamping fee of $50 (both tourist and business visa). Service fees will be extra and varies between agents.

Vietnam Visa Cheap offers their satisfactory Visa on Arrival service at most reasonable Vietnam visa cost. They also have introduced 100% money back guarantee as well. If your visa application is rejected by the Vietnamese government, the agent will provide 100% refund. Full refund is also offered if any of their clients is not happy with their service.

Apply for Visa on Arrival today to get your Vietnam visa approved at the earliest. Happy journey!

Simple Steps to get Vietnam Visa for Taiwan Citizens

Anyone willing to visit a different country are under the impression that visa application process is cumbersome. With the advent of online Visa on Arrival program, it doesn’t have to be an ordeal anymore.

Travelers who wish to explore the beauty of Vietnam wonder if they could get visa to Vietnam at reasonable prices. Well, the good news is yes! With the revolutionary ‘Visa on Arrival’ program, you can get Vietnam visa at relatively inexpensive rates.

How to get a Visa to Vietnam

Are you planning to Vietnam any time soon? Good decision, indeed! With so many tourist spots to enjoy and the friendly, welcoming culture that the country possesses, there’s no reason to not visit this country. The Vietnamese government offers different types of visas for people intending to visit the country for different reasons.

Visa for Vietnam from Taiwan

The exquisite natural beauty and amazing culture of Vietnam has made it one of the most favoured destinations in the world. So, if you are from Taiwan and you’d like to visit Vietnam, you will have to apply for visa.

visa on Arrival

Vietnam is a beautiful country that just keeps on giving. This awesome destination is so full of ancient buildings, tasty food, and other great natural wonders that keeps you in awe.

Chinese visiting Vietnam have two options to get the Vietnam visa. As long as you meet the criteria for approval, it should not be hard to get the visa.

There is no specific Vietnam visa price for Chinese citizens as it varies according to the kind of visa you apply for. You will also find that the visa handling company you choose can determine how much you will pay.

The Vietnam visa is easy to get from China. You would have to go through an application process which includes paying theVietnam visa fee for Chinese as well as application fee and you would need to consider certain things.

Visa on Arrival in Vietnam

Considering Vietnam and China are neighbors, it is not surprising that so many Chinese visit their beautiful neighboring country. Chinese are actually the majority of the visitors in the country since there is a lot they have in common so they can feel at home in this country.

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