Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Vietnam is indeed one of the famous travel destinations for Koreans. Flight travel between these countries are usually inexpensive.

Vietnam Visa for Austrailia

For all Australia citizens, a Vietnam visa is required to enter Vietnam if you are travelling for business or tourist purposes. Currently, there are three different options for Australians to apply for Vietnam visa.

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Since 1973, Canada has maintained diplomatic relations with Vietnam and this relationship is continuing to grow stronger. Before travelling, the travellers to Vietnam from Canada must obtain a visa for all purposes including tourism, business, study, visiting relatives.

Vietnam Visa for Australian Citizens

Vietnam is a culturally rich and exciting holiday spot for Australians and offers diverse experiences and welcoming culture. Australian citizens visiting Vietnam must have a visa to enjoy their stay in Australia.

Vietnam Airports Transfer Desk

In spite of Vietnam’s tourism industry emerging rapidly, Canadians must need a visa to enter Vietnam. If you are a Canadian citizen opting for Vietnam visa on Arrival, you must get some documents prepared beforehand to make your travel experience as smooth as possible.

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As a UK citizen, if you are travelling to Vietnam for s short stay of 15 days, you don’t have to apply for a visa. But, if your stay extends more than 15 days, then you have to get a visa before entering Vietnam.

Get Visa on Arrival to Vietnam for UK Citizens

Did you know UK citizens holding passport to travel to Vietnam for tourist or business purpose can visit Vietnam without Visa for 15 days? But, in case, if you are having a different type of nationality like ‘British National (overseas)’ then you must get a visa before entering into Vietnam. If you are UK citizen

Vietnam Embassy Policy for visa on arrival

As a US citizen, you are required to get a valid visa from Vietnam to meet the entry requirements for business, tourism, and personal purposes. For US citizens who want to make a temporary visit to Vietnam, they are eligible for visa on arrival and they can pick up their Vietnam visa on arrival at

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If you are a US citizen who is planning to move or travel to Vietnam, you must have a Vietnam visa. To enter Vietnam, US citizens are not visa-free and should apply for Vietnam visa in the embassy, via a travel agency or directly online.

Vietnam Visa for French

Many French citizens are traveling to Vietnam for holiday and business, if you are interested in joining them, you must be wondering how you can get a visa with the least amount of hassle. Getting a Vietnam visa particularly for French nationals is fairly easy as long as you pay the Vietnam visa fee for

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