December 10, 2020
Vietnam Visa

Why Visitors Prefer to Apply Visa on Arrival Vietnam

Vietnam offers different kinds of visas to foreign visitors and one of these is the visa on arrival. As the name says, this is the type of visa that you will get on arrival in Vietnam. But before you fly to Vietnam, you must pre-register for this visa. To do this, fill out the visa application form online with your complete name, passport number, and other important details. When your visa application is approved, they will issue you a pre-approval letter. This letter must be printed. Bring it with you to Vietnam, and when you arrive at the airport, present it at the immigration counter in order to get a Vietnam visa.

Aside from the Visa on Arrival, the Vietnam Immigration also issues other visas, such as the e-visa. But why do visitors prefer to apply for a visa on arrival for their trip to Vietnam? Here are the reasons:

Fast and Easy Procedure

Applying for a visa on arrival is so easy, and this is the main reason why most foreigners would prefer to use this Visa. As mentioned, all you need to do is to go online and fill out the application form from there. You do not need to go to a Vietnam embassy to apply personally.

Another great thing about applying for the visa on arrival is that it will only take a few minutes of your time to fill out the form online. After you fill out the form completely you just need to upload the requirements, such as your passport copy. Then make a payment and submit the form. In only a few days, you will receive an email that contains the pre-approval letter. You just have to print the letter and bring the printed copy on your trip to Vietnam.

Saves Time

As you see, applying for the Vietnam visa on arrival online will only take a few minutes of your time. So if you don’t want to spend a lot of time getting your visa approved for Vietnam, applying for the Visa on Arrival is a must.

Instead of waiting for up to a week to get a visa, you just have to wait for a few days, and you’ll get your pre-approval letter. This letter is proof that you already have a visa waiting for you in Vietnam. Sometimes, the approval letter will be released within 2 business days! For those who need to leave for Vietnam urgently, you can request for the pre-approval letter to be approved within one working day. Indeed, applying for the Visa on Arrival will save you plenty of time.


The Visa on Arrival is highly recommended to those who are travelling to Vietnam on a budget. When you apply for the visa on arrival online, you will only be charged $18 for the service fee.  This is way cheaper than what you would end up spending if you will go to a Vietnam embassy to get your visa. By paying this small fee, you will get your Vietnam visa fast and easy. It’s a very small fee to pay, considering that you will save yourself from all the hassles of having to apply for your visa personally. The service fee can be paid online using your credit card or debit card, or even PayPal. It’s very convenient and safe.

It’s worth knowing that the service fee is not the same as the stamping fee. The service fee will go directly to the agency that will process the pre-approval letter. As for the stamping fee, you will pay this in cash when claiming your visa at the airport immigration counter. They accept cash in Vietnam Dong or US Dollar currency. Make sure you bring some cash with you because they do not accept cards for payment.


The Visa on Arrival is so convenient. You just apply for it online and print the letter. When you arrive in Vietnam, your visa will be waiting for you. You can claim it from the Immigration Counter by simply showing the letter. You do not need to contact the embassy and schedule an appointment, which is why it’s extremely convenient. 

 Can Be Applied Everywhere

With the Vietnam Visa on Arrival, you can apply for it everywhere, regardless of where you are. That’s because the process of application can be done online. So whether you are in your hotel room, in your home, or anywhere where there’s Internet, applying for the visa on arrival is so convenient.

So if you are planning to visit Vietnam soon and you’re one of those foreign nationals that would require a visa to enter Vietnam, you should choose the Visa on Arrival. The visa is so easy and convenient to apply for. It will save you both money and time.

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