December 4, 2019
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Why Vietnam Is The Best Place To Plan Your Honeymoon Trip?

Planning a honeymoon? Vietnam is one of the best budget honeymoon destinations in Asia that provide experiences comparable to its luxurious counterparts. With its inspiring scenery, savory cuisines, vibrant colors, old-world charm, natural marvels, and more, Vietnam makes itself a recommended place for the honeymooners. Not only has this, but Vietnam also has numerous places to go on your romantic escapade. It provides unforgettable and meaningful experiences and creates memories for couples. In addition, to visit Vietnam, you can apply for a cheap Vietnam visa. So, choose Vietnam for your honeymoon itinerary and pick some of the best honeymoon destinations in Vietnam.

Some choicest locations to check-in are,

  • Hanoi City
  • Da Nang City
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hai Phong City
  • Phu Quoc Island

The honeymooners who planned to visit Phu Quoc Island have good news. Luckily, you no need a Vietnam visa to visit Phu Quoc Island that is in Vietnam. You can stay in Phu Quoc Island and enjoy your honeymoon itinerary for 30 days there. But remember, if you want to visit the other places in Vietnam, or want to visit more day at the Phu Quoc Island (more than 30 days), you must have to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa as per your needs (number of days, and the entries).

As mentioned before, you have to apply for a Vietnam visa if you loved to visit the other places in Vietnam like Hanoi City, Ho Chi Minh City, or more. But don’t worry, you can apply for your visa easily and cheaply. Wonder how? Via visa on arrival, which is one of the best online visa applying methods.

Cheapest Vietnam Visa Method

To apply for your visa in the cheapest Vietnam visa method, firstly, you have to find the right 100% risk-free travel agency website. Then you have to book an appointment visa with the required details asked by paying the first set Vietnam visa fee. Once your visa approved, a visa approved letter will be sent to you as a softcopy. That’s all; with that, you have to collect your visa at your destination international airport of Vietnam by paying the second set of Vietnam visa total cost.

Final Recap

Vietnam is one weird, crazy yet wonderful place, where your honeymoon will sure to be unforgettable! It provides an explosion of flavor and scenery, making it a great place to celebrate your marriage. The places in Vietnam not only rich in culture and history, but at the same time, it is modern, chaotic, and touristic. Also, by selecting the right travel agency website to apply for your Vietnam visa, you can get a Vietnam visa at a low price. This is one of the good reasons why people all around the world choose Vietnam as their honeymoon destination. 

Tips To choose the right travel agency

Some travel agency provides a 100% money-back guarantee, if customers are not satisfied with their service or if the visa application declined by the government. Consider choosing such a trustworthy travel agency.

Cost of Vietnam visa

Indian passport holders who are planning to go to Vietnam should apply for a valid visa to enter Vietnam. You can apply for Vietnam visa via two methods; one is applying via Vietnam embassy, and the other is applying for Visa on arrival through online.

Passport with seal

Getting a visa extension means to acquire permission from the government to stay longer in Vietnam when your current visa is about to expire. You may be able to extend your visa while in Vietnam without leaving the country.

In the past, people often considered getting cheap Vietnam visa from the nearest Vietnam embassy of Macedonia. Since Vietnam doesn’t have embassy at Macedonia, the citizens has to travel for a long distance to apply for Vietnam visa.

Lithuania Citizen passport

A Vietnam visa is required for the citizens of Lithuania to enter Vietnam if you are travelling for business or tourist purposes. For Lithuania citizens, there are three different methods available for applying visa to Vietnam.

woman uses laptop for aplying Vietnam Visa

As a Monaco citizen, you have three ways to apply for your visa to visit Vietnam. So, which is the stress free and cheapest method to book the visa among this three? Probably, this might be your question! To know that continue reading.

Malta Passport

The citizens of Malta should have to get Vietnam visa to visit and stay in Vietnam even for 15 days. Yes, Malta citizen are not permitted to visit Vietnam without visa like some other countries like, Finland, Norway and more.

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