April 15, 2019
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What is The Best Way to Get Vietnam visa for Slovakia Citizens?

Every citizen of Slovakia must have a visa to enjoy the sights and sounds of Vietnam by visiting it. For this, you have three options to get a visa as a Slovakia citizen, but to get your cheap Vietnam visa at the safest method, it is essential to choose the best way to apply for your visa. So, “what is the best way to get Vietnam visa for Slovakia citizens?” this might be your question now! This is what we have discusses in this blog.

Different Types of Ways to Get Your Cheap Vietnam Visa

  • Applying Via Visa On Arrival Option
  • Applying Via E-Visa Option
  • Applying Via Vietnam Embassy Option

Applying Via Vietnam Embassy Option

People who apply for their visa at embassy must submit their original document and have to wait in a long queue. As a result, it will waste your precious time and make you in the stress until you get your original documents.

Address of Local Embassy in Slovakia

Dunajska 15,

81108 Bratislava,


Contact Details:

Tel: +421 2 5245 4263

Fax: +421 2 5245 4273

Email: vnembassy_sk@yahoo.com

Applying Via E-Visa Option | Vietnam Visa Cheap

Slovakia citizen who is like to visit Vietnam as a single entry for 30 days is eligible to apply Vietnam e-visa. But the only drawback here is, the e-visa Vietnam fee for Slovakia citizens will be a little high when comparing to the other option.

Visa type                                               Fee                           Note

Tourist – 30 days, single entry          40 USD              No additional fee on arrival

Business – 30 days, single entry       55 USD               No additional fee on arrival

Applying Via Visa on Arrival Option | Vietnam Visa Cheap

Here, applying for your visa is simple, and every process will be getting done via online. All you have to do is, take the accurate data and start filling your form. Also, like applying at the local embassy, you don’t have to wait in the long queue or don’t have to stress yourself for your original documents.

Procedure: Filling up the online application form with the details given in your passport. Once you finish applying it, attach your photo and make the payment for a service fee. Then within three business days, you will receive the visa approval letter via your mail. That’s it.

You have to present that visa approval letter to your destination Airport. After the verification process, you have to pay the stamp fee to get your visa stamped to the passport.

Advantages of Applying for your visa at Visa on Arrival

  • For emergency cases, within two to three hours, visa approval is possible.
  • Relatively cheap Vietnam visa process
  • No need to submit your passport and other original documents
  • The whole procedure of visa on arrival is via online. So, it will be 100 %, and the process will be fast

In short, Visa on Arrival is one of the best ways to get you cheap Vietnam visa at the safest method.

Slovakia passport holding in hand

Day by day, the number of people visiting Vietnam gets increased due to its unbelievable natural landscape, history, and nature. So, the immigration department has permitted the Visa on Arrival option for the hassle-free visa process.

Smiling Girl holding her tablet

Citizens of Serbia must have a visa to visit Vietnam. As a Serbia citizen, you don’t have any exemption for Vietnam visa like some countries.

Man holding the Slovakia passport

Traveling or backpacking Vietnam? As a Slovakia citizen, you must have a visa to visit Vietnam!  There are totally three different ways to apply your visa to enjoy your stay in Vietnam. But among these three, the most convenient way to apply for your cheap Vietnam visa for Slovakia citizens is “Vietnam visa on arrival.


Did you know Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia state that, in 2018, Vietnam received 15.5 million international arrivals, up from 2.

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Getting a visa for Vietnam, wherever you are, has become easy in the recent times. With the Visa on Arrival online program, anyone will be able to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa effortlessly, provided you have quality assistance from a reputable visa agency.

Girl checking for vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam Visa on Arrival is one of the most convenient ways to get cheap Vietnam visa for Armenian citizens. But, remember, visa on arrival to Vietnam is applicable only for people who are travelling via air and is not applicable for people who are travelling by land or sea.

Man holding the Ireland Passport in his hand

Irish citizens willing to visit Vietnam must apply for a Vietnam visa. Since there is no embassy of Vietnam located in Ireland, one has to travel to a neighbouring country where you could apply for a Vietnam visa at the embassy.

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