January 5, 2020
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Visa on Arrival- Fast Track Service at the Airport

If you are looking to travel to Vietnam in a few months, you can very well get a cheap Vietnam visa on Arrival. Many companies will help you get the Visa on approval letter. But make sure to choose the one that offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services. Nowadays, the Fast Track option is available to speed up the process of getting the visa after reaching Vietnam. Read on to know more about the Fast Track Service –

What is Fast-Track service?

Usually, when you arrive at the Vietnam airport, you will have to wait a long queue at the visa Counter. But, with the Fast-Track service, you can avoid waiting at the line. On arriving at any of the international Vietnam Airport, your visa agent will meet you at the Landing Visa Counter. He will then assist you in completing all the entry procedures and get the passport stamped in a short time.

Where is the Fast-Track service available?

The Fast-Track service is available at only three International Vietnamese airports for travelers from all flights: The Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai and the Da Nang airports.

Why should you make use of the Fast-Track service?

The Fast-Track service will help you save your valuable time, and avoid the complicated procedures of the cheapest Vietnam visa process. Moreover, if you fall into any one of the following in this list, then we recommend using this service –

  • In case you are a first-time traveler to Vietnam
  • Whether you are looking to avoid the long queue and pay off the Vietnam visa fee fast
  • Just in case you have small kids
  • You are traveling in a big group
  • If you are a pregnant woman
  • A physically challenged person with major or minor disabilities
  • Or if you are on a short business trip and can hardly waste any of your time

How does the Fast-Track service work?

When you are applying for your Vietnam visa on arrival, you have to choose your Airport Fast Track Service. After that, you have to send a request through email with the information pointed out. After the confirmation, your visa agent will wait for you at the Visa Counter to assist you. A reliable visa agency will help you get the Fast-Track process done without any hassles.

What should you carry along?

You have to carry your visa approval letter, entry, and exit form along with two passport size photos. You must also have your passport and the e-visa Vietnam fee to complete the entry procedure. After completing the process, you will get your passport back with the visa stamped.

A notable thing to follow here is to notify your visa agent at least 48 working hours before the departure of your flight. So, they can wait at the airport on the scheduled arrival time to help you with the process.

Fast Track Service offers to make your trip to Vietnam a breeze. So, opt for the right visa agent who will provide you with smooth airport services throughout your stay in Vietnam.

Solo Travel in Vietnam: 7 Reasons to Explore Alone

If you are anxious about traveling to Vietnam alone, here’s the excellent news for you – ‘Traveling alone in Vietnam is safe and fun-filled.’ Read on to find out why.

What Should I Know Before Traveling To Vietnam?

Like most unique countries, Vietnam is best known for its beautiful scenery, mouthwatering food, and fantastic culture. But, when it is hot, it is scorching hot, and when it rains, it pours the ocean from the sky.

Introduction There is almost nothing that I do not love about Vietnam. The conical hats, the everlasting Mekong River, and the glorious history of the Indo-China War, every detail, whether big or small, enchants me.

Stay in Vietnam

Danish passport holders need a valid visa to enter Vietnam, if they have planned to stay more than 15days in Vietnam. The longevity of your stay in Vietnam will depend on the type of visa you choose.

Vietnam Visa

Beautiful nature and attractive sightseeing lead most people to visit Vietnam day by day. The number of people visiting Vietnam for both tourist and business purpose is increasing every day.

Applying Vietnam Visa

When dealing with visa application, travellers think about the hurdle of spending time in long queues, submitting multiple documents and travelling several times to the embassy office to complete the application. A visa application process will not have to be cumbersome.

Applying Vietnam Visa Online

From diverse travel experiences to welcoming culture, Vietnam, the culturally rich and exciting holiday spot has got a lot to offer to its visitors. Even though there are three different ways to apply for cheap Vietnam visa for Taiwan citizens, visa on arrival is one of the most convenient ways to get visa to Vietnam.

Applying Vitenam Visa

If you are a French citizen and planning to go to Vietnam, you can apply for Vietnam visa through the embassy or apply online for Vietnam visa on arrival. Applying through embassy takes more time, and you may need to spend your precious time spending in a long queue.

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