December 14, 2019
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Vietnam Visa on Arrival – 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Did you know you can visit Vietnam and stay there for 30 days without a Vietnam visa? But it is only applicable for visiting Phu Quoc Island! Are you a Benin citizen who is looking to visit another place in Vietnam, or need to stay more than 30 days in Phu Quoc Island? It is essential to have a Vietnam visa to make a Vietnam visit come true! By while applying for a cheap Vietnam visa for Benin citizens, you should be very careful. A small mistake can lead to a big issue, and some time it ends up canceling the visa. So, from selecting the right travel agency to filling the application, you should pay more attention.

Here are some common mistakes that often people will make while applying for a visa via visa on arrival.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Travel Agency To Apply Cheap Vietnam Visa 

Some fraud travel agencies agree to apply for a visa at a meager price. Also, they don’t usually have a 100% risk-free website to apply for a Vietnam visa via visa on arrival. This, in turn, fails in getting a visa, and you won’t get your money back.

You can avoid this by hiring the travel agency, which has a 100% risk-free website and offers a money-back guarantee if visa application declined by the government, or if there is an issue in their service.

  1. Typo in Application

People usually make a typo unknowingly. This is due to the lack of attention while applying for a visa. Remember applying for a visa via visa on arrival is entirely an online method to apply for a cheapest Vietnam visa for Benin citizens. So, you should pay more concentration while filling the data. Even if you know all the data of yours, you should fill the data by seeing your original documents. Also, before you submit, to ensure the details are right, do check the data and submit it after confirming.

  1. Choosing the visa Type That Doesn’t Meet Their Needs

Without knowing the full requirements, some people will choose the visa type that comes with a low price. And finally end up paying more for extending visas, or taken a new visa for multiple entries. In addition, it is a costly and time-consuming process. So, make a wise choice by choosing the needed visa for the first time itself and save your money on visa extension.

  1. Applying for a Visa at the Dead Line

You should consider applying for a cheap Vietnam visa for Benin citizen in advance to reduce the last mines hazel. Also, while applying for a visa, add-on to the service based on when you need a visa.

  1. Not Aware Of Visa Validity

Some people still not aware of the visa validity and choose the visa type that actually doesn’t have the validity days they expect. And finally, end up a visa extension. As mentioned before, the visa extension is a costly and time-consuming procedure. So, you should be updated with the right validity days for your stay of each visa type, and choose the right visa type that can fulfill your needs.

Are you looking for a travel agency that has a 100% risk-free website to apply for Benin citizen Vietnam visa in cheapest way? Contact us! Here your 100% money-back guarantees if you are not satisfied with our service or if your visa application declined by the government.

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