November 25, 2020
Vietnam Visa

Vietnam Entry Permit For Visitors from Korea During the Covid-19 Season

After closing its borders to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Government of Vietnam is now allowing the entry of foreign visitors coming from countries with low infection rates, such as South Korea. But not all visitors will be eligible to enter at the moment. For now, they will only allow visitors who are coming to the country for essential reasons, such as business investors, foreign experts, diplomats, and skilled workers.

So if you are from South Korea and you plan on visiting Vietnam to provide essential service, here’s everything you need to know.

Who Are Eligible for Entry

As mentioned, Vietnam will only allow the entry of foreign visitors who are coming for an essential visit. These visitors include foreign business experts, business investors, highly skilled workers, business managers, and diplomats. The family members, such as spouses, children, and parents of these foreign visitors will also be allowed entry into Vietnam, for as long as they can provide proof of relationship.

Foreign visitors who are eligible for entry into Vietnam must follow certain rules and regulations to prevent the spread of Covid-19. They are also required to submit certain requirements before they can be allowed to enter.

Rules and Requirements Before Entry

South Korean visitors who are eligible for entry to Vietnam must first follow some rules and requirements. Before entry, they are required to register with a quarantine center in the place that they intend to visit and outline their itinerary or schedule while in Vietnam. They are also required to show a medical certificate in English that states they are free from Covid-19. The test must be taken at least 3 to 5 days before entry and must be administered by a certified laboratory in South Korea.

For foreign workers, skilled employees, and experts, their sponsor company must request an entry permit on their behalf. The permit will be obtained from the local People’s Committee. Aside from the permit, the company will also send written approval to the Immigration Department of Vietnam in order for a visa to be granted to the foreign visitor. Once the entry permit and visa is issued, the visitor can book a ticket and fly to Vietnam.

What to Expect Upon Entry

Upon entry, all visitors will have their temperatures checked and may be asked to go through medical evaluations to ensure they have no symptoms of the Covid-19 disease. If a symptom is detected, the visitor will be isolated and will be given proper treatment. In cases when rapid testing won’t be possible at the airport, the visitor will be tested at the quarantine center and ensure that they adhere to proper safety measures and guidelines.

If the patient is not showing any symptoms they can leave the airport and proceed to their place of isolation. The quarantine facility must be booked ahead of time and should be approved by the local People’s Committee. While undergoing quarantine, the visitor will be tested for Covid-19. If the results show that they are negative, they can continue with their quarantine but will be monitored by the local health authorities.

Guidelines to Follow During Quarantine

While on quarantine at their accommodation, foreign visitors must strictly follow safety measures. They have to adhere to medical supervision and pandemic prevention. Above all, they must avoid getting into contact with the public. If they start showing symptoms of the disease, they must make sure to inform the health authorities immediately.

Those who are showing symptoms and have turned out positive for the virus will be asked to provide a list of names of the persons they have gotten into contact with in the past 14 days, including their phone numbers.

The local health authorities of Vietnam will be conducting medical surveillance and tracing. These people will also be asked to undergo Covid-19 testing to determine if they have been infected with the virus.

Covid-19 Testing During Isolation

Aside from the first Covid-19 test that will be conducted on the first day of isolation, visitors will be asked to undergo a second test on their sixth day of isolation, or as soon as they start showing symptoms.

If the visitor will show a positive result, the person will immediately be asked to quarantine at a medical facility and adhere to treatment in accordance with Vietnam’s regulations for Covid-19. Everyone who has gotten into contact with a confirmed Covid-19 patient will also be asked to isolate and go on quarantine for 14 days.

On the other hand, if the second test will yield a negative result, they will be allowed to end quarantine and proceed with their work. All foreign visitors are required to take preventive measures while carrying out their normal daily tasks in Vietnam. This is to prevent the spread of Covid-19 disease.


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