January 9, 2021
Vietnam Immigration

How To Get Visa Extended and Renewed in Cao Bang

If you’re heading to Vietnam to explore nature, Cao Bang is the best destination. This mountainous province in northeast Vietnam is known for its scenic waterfalls and towering limestone cliffs. There is also a nearby cave filled with majestic rock formations. Indeed, Cao Bang is a paradise that every nature lover should visit at least once in their life.

For foreigners who are currently in Cao Bang and would like to extend their stay in the country, yet their visa is already about to end, the best option is to request for a Vietnam visa extension or renewal. Thankfully, there’s no longer a need to travel far for this. That’s because there’s a Vietnam Immigration Office in Cao Bang and they can facilitate the processing of your visa renewal and extension. But before you visit the office, you must know the process ahead. So here’s everything you need to know when it comes to getting your visa extended and renewed in Cao Bang.

Cao Bang Immigration Office

How To Get Visa Extension in Cao Bang

If you want to extend your visa, simply visit the Vietnam Immigration Office in Cao Bang. You will be asked to fill out the NA5 form so make sure you fill it out completely. Provide your complete name, passport details, etc. After you fill out the form, submit it to the Vietnam Immigration Office along with your passport.

Take note that the visa extension is different from the visa renewal. With a visa extension, you need to get out of Vietnam. And when you re-enter the country, they will stamp your passport so you can stay in Cao Bang longer. There is a processing fee that you need to pay when getting a visa extension in Cao Bang. The cost will depend on how long you plan on extending your day in Vietnam. Of course, a 3-month extension is understandably more expensive than a 1-month extension.

Generally, the processing of the visa extension will take around 3 to 5 business days. Sometimes, it could take longer than that. To be sure, it is best to call the Vietnam Immigration Office in Cao Bang to find out how long it will take for them to process your visa extension.

How To Get Visa Renewal in Cao Bang

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Another option in extending your stay in Vietnam is to apply for a visa renewal. With this option, there’s no longer a need for you to go out of the country. If they will approve your request, they will issue you a new visa, which indicates that you can stay in Cao Bang for a much longer time.

The visa renewal is highly recommended to those foreigners who entered without a visa. For instance, if you came from countries whose citizens can enter Vietnam visa-free, but your stay is only limited to 15 days, you can request a visa renewal so you can stay in the country for a much longer time.

To apply for the visa renewal, just go to the Vietnam Immigration Office in Cao Bang. Fill out the form and submit your passport. Since they will attach a new visa to your passport, make sure that your passport has two extra blank pages for the sticker to be attached. With the visa renewal, it will take around 3 to 5 business days for them to process your request. Once your renewal application is approved, they will ask you to collect your passport. The passport will already have a visa sticker on it.

Hire a Local Agency to Assist you with your Visa Renewal or Extension

Applying for a visa extension or renewal can sometimes get complicated. There are instances when the Vietnam Immigration Office will request additional requirements, depending on your situation. This can sometimes get confusing especially if you don’t speak the language.

If you will hire a local agency, they will facilitate the processing of visa renewal or extension on your behalf. They will forward your application to the Vietnam Immigration Office in Cao Bang and will make sure that your request will be approved before your existing visa will expire. You can also request for the process to be expedited if your visa is about to expire in a few days.

Another great thing about hiring a local agency for the processing of your visa renewal or extension is that they can explain to you the differences between the visa renewal and extension. So if you are confused about which option to choose, hiring a local agency is your best option. They might charge you some fees for their services, but it is totally worth it. You can minimize the hassles from having to go back and forth to the Vietnam Immigration Office in Cao Bang since the agency will make sure that your requirements are complete.

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