September 23, 2019
Vietnam Visa

How Quickly Can You Get A Vietnam Visa From Russia?

How Quickly Can You Get A Vietnam Visa From Russia?

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As a Russian citizen, you can visit Vietnam without a visa for a maximum of 15 days. All you need to do is to get a proper approval letter to enter the country. But, if you need to stay more than 15 days in Vietnam, then you need to get a valid visa to enter Vietnam. You can get the cheap Vietnam visa by applying through any one process:

  • Contacting the embassy
  • E-visa
  • Visa on arrival

Contacting The Vietnam Embassy

Even though it is the traditional method of applying for a cheap Vietnam visa, it carries many drawbacks with it. You need to travel to the nearest embassy among the three:

  • Consulate of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Vladivostok – Russia
  • The Consulate General of Vietnam in Ekaterinburg – Russia
  • Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Matxcova (Moscow), Russia

After reaching the spot, you need to wait in the queue for a long time to apply for the visa. You have to take the original documents with you for applying the visa. There is chance of losing the original documents in the rush which may lead to more trouble. Also, you need to again travel to the embassy to get the visa once it gets ready.

E-Visa Process

During the e-visa process, you need to fill the online form provided in the website. While applying for Vietnam visa through e-visa process, you have only one visa type to choose: 30 days, single entry visa. The main drawback is that it is expensive compared to other two methods.

Applying For Visa On Arrival

Due to the convenience and simple procedure, the visa on arrival process is becoming more popular among the people who are planning for a trip to Vietnam. You need to fill the online visa application form and that process takes just a few minutes. Then you will get the Vietnam visa approval letter to your email within two working days. It may take three to four days in some cases. You need to download this letter and submit it in the destination airport to get your visa.

Reasons To Applying For Visa On Arrival Method

  • No need of your document at the time of applying the visa
  • You can avoid standing in the queue at the embassy
  • You have many visa options to choose from – three months or one month visa with single entry or multiple entries
  • You can get the visa on arrival at the airport you arrive

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Three Montenegro Citizens Passport

Montenegro citizens can apply for Vietnam visa in two ways, one by applying via Vietnam embassy and the other is by applying for ‘Visa on Arrival.’ If you are a Montenegro citizen and need a Vietnam tourist or business visa, you need to go to the nearest Vietnam embassy to apply for the Vietnam visa.

Montenegro Citizens Passport

Most people think applying for a visa from the Vietnam embassy is the cheapest and easiest ways of getting a Vietnam visa. Today, due to the advancement in the technologies, you can apply for ‘Visa on Arrival’ through a simple online process.

vietnam visa

As a Macedonia citizen if you are willing to travel to Vietnam, then Vietnam visa is a must. But, if you wish to visit Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, you can stay at the island for 30 days or less without Vietnam visa.

Austria and Turkey passport holding in hand

Citizens of Turkey must have a visa to visit Vietnam.  Basically, for Turkey citizens, they have totally two different ways to apply for their visa.

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