August 9, 2019
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How Long Does It Take To Get A Vietnam Visa From Spain?

Are you a Spain citizen? There is good news for you! Vietnam government announced that Spain citizen no need to apply for a visa to visit and stay in Vietnam for 15 days. But, remember one thing, if you are eligible for visa-free visits to Vietnam, there must be a space of 30 days or more between two visa-free visits. What if anyone wants to stay in Vietnam longer? If anyone intends to stay more than 15 days in Vietnam, they must apply for a visa via online or traditionally. You will also need a visa if you need to revisit in less than 30 days.

The longevity of Visa Approval Process

The time period for getting a visa depends on the visa applying option you choose. As a Spain citizen, you will have two different methods to apply for a visa. They are,

  1. Applying for a visa at a local embassy (tradition way )
  2. Applying for a visa via visa on arrival or e-visa options (online way)

If you apply for your visa at the local embassy, your visa approval process takes at least four business days, and sometimes the days extend.

If you choose the visa on arrival or e-visa option, you will get your visa within two working days. Even your visa will get approved within 2, 4 or 8 hours if you are in an emergency and add on express service.

Local Embassy Process

As a Spain citizen, you have to visit the embassy of the socialist republic of Vietnam on a working day before 5:00 PM if you wish to apply for your visa via the local embassy.

Note: The Embassy of Vietnam will be closed on the public holidays of both Vietnam and Spain.

At the embassy, you have to submit your entire original document by waiting in a long queue to apply for a visa. Once you submit it, you have to pay the service fee and get back to your house. In case, if you miss any of the certificates that are required to apply for a visa, you will be asked to get back to your house to collect it and return again. After four or five days, the officers in the embassy will inform you that your approved visa is received. After then, again on a working day, you have to visit the embassy to collect your approved visa, along with your original documents. You should have to recheck that do you received all your original documents.

Applying via Online (Visa on Arrival or E-visa)

Here all you have to do is, fill the online application with the required data, and pay the first set Vietnam visa fee for Spain citizen to submit the application. Within two days, your visa will be approved, and the approved letter will be sent to you via mail. Once you reach your destination airport, you have to collect your approved visa by paying the second set of Vietnam visa price for Spain citizen.

Note: If you applied for your visa via E-visa, you no need to pay the second set of Vietnam visa price for Spain citizen. Also, you don’t have to stop at the “visa on arrival” office, instead show your e-visa letter upon checking the passport control.

So, which is easy? Yes, what you are thinking is right! Applying for your visa via online (Visa on Arrival or E-visa) is a reliable option to applying for your visa. Just visit to start applying.

Vietnam Visa From Russia

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in South Asia that attracts travellers to its bustling cities, lush mountains, and golden sand beaches. Many people visit Vietnam for business purpose too.

Get A Vietnam Visa From Russia

All Russian citizens can enter Vietnam without a visa for a maximum of 15 days for both tourism and business purpose.  To get a free visa, you can just show your passport and enter Vietnam.

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