April 30, 2019
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How Do I Get A Cheap Visa For Vietnam From Macedonia?

Macedonia citizens coming to Vietnam need a valid Vietnam visa to enter and stay in Vietnam. You can apply for a visa to Vietnam in two ways:

Applying through embassy

If you are applying for Vietnam visa through one of the embassies of Vietnam, be informed there can several processing charges or application fees associated with it. You might also incur hidden charges, if any. You will also have to travel back and forth multiple times, meaning that’s an additional expense for you. As Macedonia don’t have Vietnam embassy, you need to contact the nearest Vietnam embassy to apply for Vietnam visa.

Contact details of nearest Vietnam Embassy

Embassy of Vietnam in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (It is a 598.2 km distance from Skopje with 0h hours, 59 minutes flight)

Address: As-Safah, Ar Rayyan, Riyadh 14211, Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 1454 7887 (To call the embassy from Macedonia, please dial +966)

Office hours: Sun – Thu: 9:00h – 14:00h

To avoid the travel and financial drawbacks, applying for Visa on Arrival is the viable solution.

Visa on Arrival – Vietnam Visa Cheap

Applying for visa on arrival is convenient, easy, fast and secure. All you have to do is to apply for your preferred visa type online and the agent will do the rest for you. You will then simply collect your visa stamped when you arrive at the airport.

There are two fees applicable:

  • Service fee
  • Stamping fee

Service fee is the e-visa Vietnam fee charged by the agency to process and work with the immigration of Vietnam to approve your application. Stamping fee is the fee charged by the Vietnamese government to stamp your visa.

Vietnam Visa cheap offers the cheapest service rates for e-visa application. The charges are as follows:

  • 1 month single entry tourist visa – $6, 1 month multiple entry tourist visa – $8, 3 month single entry tourist visa – $15, 3 months multiple entries tourist visa – $20.
  • 1 month single entry business visa – $75, 1 month multiple entries business visa – $80, 3 months single entry business visa – $85, 3 months multiple entries business visa – $90.
  • Stamping fee for single entry visas – $25
  • Stamping fee for multiple entry visas – $50

All the above-mentioned fees are applicable for Macedonia citizens.

Book your cheap Vietnam visa for Macedonia citizen with us to extend your stay in Vietnam for a cheaper cost. Our process is simple and easy, and you don’t have to waste your precious time on completing your complex visa procedures at an embassy. Our process is 100% risk-free and is available at a low cost. We offer 100% money back guaranteed if customers not satisfied with our service. We offer 100% money back guaranteed if the visa application declined by the government.

We will not provide money-back guarantee for rush or urgent visa applications or business visa applications. So, make sure to call us before you can your visa process with us to avoid any additional charges.

These reasons are quite convincing for anyone to apply for Vietnam visa through the Visa on Arrival online program. You just need an internet-connected device to apply for your visa online anytime, anywhere. No queues, no traveling, no documentation required. Service fee is to be paid immediately at the time of application, and stamping fee will have to be paid when you obtain your visa stamped from the landing desk at the airport.

Vietnam Visa for Romania Passport

As a Romania citizen, you must apply for a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam. Whatever the purpose of visiting Vietnam, you need to have a valid Vietnam visa to check-in Vietnam.

North Macedonia Passport

Yes, for both tourist and business purpose, there is NO embassy or consulate of Vietnam representing in Macedonia. But, don’t worry; luckily we have “Visa on arrival “option to apply for your visa in a well-organized way.

vietnam visa

As a Macedonia citizen if you are willing to travel to Vietnam, then Vietnam visa is a must. But, if you wish to visit Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam, you can stay at the island for 30 days or less without Vietnam visa.

Latvia Passport

Vietnam visa application has become easier and cheaper than before. The expenses relating to Vietnam visa will depend on the method of applying for one.

european coins and money

The citizens of Austria must have a passport to enter Vietnam irrespective of the purpose of their stay. If you have not planned the entry and exit dates of your travel, you need to get a Vietnam visa from the Vietnam embassy or through visa on arrival.

Passport with the Stamp pad

The Andorran citizens can apply for a cheap Vietnam visa though any one of the following methods. Visa from embassy Vietnam visa on arrival E-visa As there is no Vietnam embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Andorra, the Andorran citizen must visit the Vietnamese embassy in France to get their visa approval.

Vietnam should be on the top of everyone’s travel list. Are you one among them, and as Vietnam should be on the top of everyone’s travel list.

Vietnam visa for citizens of Croatia

Need to get cheap Vietnam visa?  Find a reputable travelling agency and begin your visa process. Before finalizing the travelling agency check the fee details and make sure they offer 100% money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with their service.

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