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UK citizens going to Vietnam do not need a visa if they plan to visit for fewer than 15 days. If they intend to stay more than 15 days, they can apply for a visa to Vietnam in two ways: Applying through embassy If you are applying for Vietnam visa through one of the embassies

Visa Extension

With Visa extension or visa renewal process, you can extend your Vietnam visa for 15 days. If you are at Vietnam and want to extend your stay at Vietnam, you have to visit the immigration department of Vietnam in the city where you have been staying and do the needful to extend your stay.

Taiwan Passport

With the rapid improvement in Vietnam’s tourism, the Taiwan citizens must need a visa to enter Vietnam. You must apply for a Vietnam visa before entering into Vietnam.

Korean Passport

While visiting Vietnam, you have various choices of visa type and you can choose the one based on the number of days you need to stay in Vietnam. Getting a visa isn’t hard these days, thanks to the internet and e-visa service providers.

Apply online visa

French citizens currently living in France or other countries, holding ordinary passport that is valid for at least 6 months or more beyond the date of arrival, are in the Vietnam visa exemption list with a visa-free length of staying of less than 15 days in Vietnam and single entry or exit.  According to the

Chinese girl applying vitenam visa

Are you a Chinese citizen who is trying to visit Vietnam? No matter what the purpose of your travel is, choosing visa on arrival is one of the convenient and best methods to obtain cheap Vietnam visa for Chinese citizen. Compared to getting a visa from the Vietnamese embassy in China, this process is simple,

Applying Vitenam Visa early

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam from Hong Kong, to avoid last-minute stress and troubles, apply for your visa at the right source two weeks before the travel date.  Hong Kong citizens have three options to apply for their visa.

Visa Application

According to immigration regulations, it is much better to apply for your visa and submit the online application as early as two weeks before the travel date. Yes, it’s not necessary to apply for your visa via “visa on arrival” so early, but in order to avoid last-minute stress and troubles, it’s a wise to

Vietnam visa online

Are you a New Zealand citizen who is looking to apply Vietnam Visa to visa and stay for one or three months with your family? Then you have to choose the visa on arrival option to take the success step. Yes, including visa on arrival option, you have totally three options for applying for a

Vietnam Visa

You can either obtain Vietnam from an embassy or online to travel to Vietnam. But, to avoid last-minute stress and mistakes, you have to apply for a Vietnam visa from Australia two weeks before the travel date.

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