April 16, 2019

Can a Turkey Citizen Get a Cheap Visa on Arrival in Vietnam?

Vietnam is the destination for the breath-taking holiday spot. These attract Turkey citizens, and as a result, the number of tourists from Turkey to Vietnam gets increased every year.

If you are the Turkey citizen and looking to get the cheap Vietnam visa without any trouble, visa on arrival is the right choice.

Vietnam Visa Online Application Requirements for Turkey Citizen

  • Hotel booking confirmation
  • Air ticket confirmation
  • Passport scan
  • Accurate data
  • At least two blank space in your passport to stamp your approved visa in the passport
  • Passports should have at least six months of validity
  • Recently taken passport size photo
  • If you are visiting Vietnam with your children, you have to take passport for them too. Also, you have to pay the same visa on arrival fees as you do for you.

Visa on Arrival Option for Turkey Citizen to Apply for their Visa

Applying for your visa at visa on arrival option is one of the safe and convenient ways to get the cheap Vietnam visa for Turkey citizen. This is because; the complete process of “Visa on Arrival” option is through online. By applying for your passport with it, you are not only saving your time but also will have a stress free experience in applying for your visa. Yes, at “Visa on Arrival” option, you no need to submit your original documents and no need to wait in a long queue.

All you have to do is, fill the online application with accurate details and pay the service fee for submits the form.

The professional from the travel agency who you hired will take care of the rest to get your visa approval letter within 5 working days. Also, if you are in an emergency, they will work to receive your approved visa letter within 2-3 days, as an express service.

Things to Consider Before Your Start Applying for Your Visa

To prevent any rejection, follow these things.

Consider choosing the right travel agents who work for the success of your visa approval process. Also, the one you selected should have more years of experience in helping people achieve the successful visa process. In case, if you are not satisfied with their service, they should give 100% money back with a guarantee. Also, if the visa application declined by the government, they should offer 100% money-back guaranteed.

While applying for your visa, you must give the exact name, DOB, passport number and other details as in your passport. Mention your country and the date of entry and exit accurately without any errors. You will be asked to attach your photo that should be taken at least within six months gap and other confirmation files.

Check the Vietnam visa price for Turkey citizen for your required visa type and the purpose of the visa. The service payment should be paid via debit or credit card. When it comes to stamp fee, no credit or debit cards will be accepted, and you should pay the stamping fee for the Vietnam visa only in cash.

Man holding Ukraine Passport

Citizens of Ukraine must have a visa to visit Vietnam.  But to get your visa sooner in a budget-friendly way, you have to choose the right path to apply for your visa.

Montenegro Citizen Passport

Montenegro citizens require a valid visa for entering Vietnam for both tourism and business purposes. You can get a visa by applying through the embassy and by applying for visa on arrival process.

Vietnam Visa for Finland Citizens

Vietnam visa is required to enter Vietnam for Slovakia citizens to enter and stay in Vietnam either for tourist or business purposes. Now your question might be “how to get a cheap Vietnam visa for Slovakia citizens?” The answer is, you can apply for a visa through three different options.


Applying for your visa is even simpler than before. Within four simple steps, you will get your Vietnam visa for Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens.

Beautiful young woman holding a passport Ukraine and raised thumb up

Unlike the other counties like the UK, Finland, and Denmark, Ukraine doesn’t have visa exemption to visit Vietnam. Yes, Ukraine citizen should have to take a visa to visit and stay in Vietnam.

Slovenian Citizen passport

Slovenia citizens who were planning to travel Vietnam must have a visa.  So, before you plan the trip, you have to find the right source to get a visa approval in a trouble-free way.

Austria and Turkey passport holding in hand

Citizens of Turkey must have a visa to visit Vietnam.  Basically, for Turkey citizens, they have totally two different ways to apply for their visa.

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