February 15, 2019
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All About Cheap Vietnam Visas for Chinese Citizens

There are different Vietnam visa categories, these determine the Vietnam visa fees for Chinese you end up paying. The price of the visa can also be affected by the agents you use. Agents help you to get the visa approval letter online and you will need to pay for this service. Other factors that may influence the visa price include β€” how fast you want the visa issued as well as whether you will have to travel far to get to the embassy.

Let us take a closer look at each of them.

Category of Visa

The Vietnam visa price for China can be affected by the type of visa you choose. Usually visas for shorter periods of stay will be cheaper than those for longer duration. The one month single entry visa is the cheapest. This visa entitles you to enter the country just once and exit once. If you left the country before the 30 days your visa expired, you still would need to apply for another visa and pay again if you wanted to get back into the country.

Within the 1-month single entry visa, there are two categories β€” the Tourist visa and the Business visa. The Tourist visa is the cheaper of the two.

Agent Fees

When you apply for a visa online, you will need to use an agent to get the approval letter processed. The fees you pay to the agent can affect the Vietnam visa total cost for Chinese citizens. The agent fees varies slightly but the cheapest may cost about 8 dollars. When you are searching for an agent though, it is best not to be driven by the cost but by their ability to deliver efficiently. Some agent services have better reputation than others and those would be the best choice.

You could cut out the agent fees by handling the process yourself. You could go to the embassy and ask to fill the form physically and then submit it. This process though takes up a lot of time and you are likely to be encouraged at the embassy to use the online application instead.

Visa Processing Time

If you are in urgent need of a visa, you would have to pay an extra fee for the approval letter to be expedited and you would have it in just a few hours. You can save on cost by waiting the usual 2 to 3 days for the visa approval letter to be processed. Your visa can be cheap if you do not wait for the last minute to apply for it or if you are patient.


In your efforts to get a Vietnam visa cheap for China, you should be cautious not to end up with a fake approval letter. You should only deal with authentic and experienced visa agents. China has a number of con artists and they could pretend to get you an approval letter only for you to realize it is a fake. Always verify the agents and check with the Vietnam embassy for the list of accredited agents.

You can count on us as we offer 100% money back guaranteed options if you are not satisfied with our service or if the visa application declined by the government.


Chinese visiting Vietnam have two options to get the Vietnam visa. As long as you meet the criteria for approval, it should not be hard to get the visa.

There is no specific Vietnam visa price for Chinese citizens as it varies according to the kind of visa you apply for. You will also find that the visa handling company you choose can determine how much you will pay.

The Vietnam visa is easy to get from China. You would have to go through an application process which includes paying theVietnam visa fee for Chinese as well as application fee and you would need to consider certain things.

Visa on Arrival in Vietnam

Considering Vietnam and China are neighbors, it is not surprising that so many Chinese visit their beautiful neighboring country. Chinese are actually the majority of the visitors in the country since there is a lot they have in common so they can feel at home in this country.

Vietnam is one of the exciting destinations for Chinese citizens. Getting to Vietnam however requires a visa, but that should not be a big issue.

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