December 8, 2019
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Actionable Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the impressive countries, where tourism is blossoming, and the established backpacker trail of worldwide is now drawing more affluent visitors and solo travelers. Are you an Angola citizen as a solo female traveler who is planning on traveling to Vietnam with a cheap Vietnam visa for Angola citizen, and looking to know how safe it is for a female to travel alone in Vietnam? You are on the right path! Here we have discusses things that matter most for solo female travelers.

  • One important thing to avoid is drugs
  • Try to avoid taking photographs in areas where military or police individuals are present.
  • Keep any valuables hidden in a bag that you keep close to yourself at all times
  • Don’t get into dark alleys at night
  • Be friendly with the Vietnamese who can understand your language. So, you can seek help from them in an emergency.
  • Follow the style of the local women and to cover up when you are heading into the town or city center.
  • Take money with you that you think you will need, and not more than that.
  • Find safe accommodation in Vietnam city
  • Look after your money and documentation. The violent crime rates in Vietnam are far lower than many larger cities, but still, you should safeguard yourself.
  • Apply for a visa at one of the trustworthy travel agency websites.

Qualification of Trustworthy Travel Agency to Apply For Cheap Vietnam Visa

  • The travel agency will have a 100% risk-free website to apply the cheapest Vietnam Visa for Angola citizens via visa on arrival options.
  • They should offer 100% money-back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with their service.
  • If the visa application declined by the government, they should return your money back.
  • The travel agency should clear the doubts of you on applying for a visa.
  • With the help of them, you can apply for a visa and get approved even within a day.
  • The travel agency should be transparency, and there should not be any hidden change.
  • The right travel agency should provide only the right details
  • They should not charge the applicant whose visa doesn’t get approved.
  • They should also let you know the visa exemption policies that apply to you.

Applying for Cheap Vietnam Visa

Once you find the trustworthy travel agency, check the Vietnam visa total cost for Angola citizens of the visa types, and start filling the online application with the accurate details. Once you fill the application, you have to pay the service fee via debit or credit card and submit the application. Within the day you required for, your visa approved letter will be sent to you via mail that needs to be printed to display it in the destination international airport of Vietnam to collect your approved visa by stamping with your passport. Note: as a stamping fee, you have to pay $ 25 or $50 based on your visa entry type. Over!

Final Words

Traveling alone as a woman in Vietnam is fairly common at all ages, so a foreign woman will not raise any eyebrows for simply being a solo female traveler. To apply for your Vietnam visa, visit

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